A Playstation 5 built into the car? the not so crazy electric idea created by Honda and Sony


We knew that the alliance between Honda and Sony to manufacture electric cars was going to bring big surprises… but we had fallen short. Sony Honda Mobility will launch its first electric car in 2025, and beyond its design, performance or autonomy, One of the main claims of this new electric will be to have the best of Sony in infotainmentwhich could mean having a whole Playstation 5 integrated as standard in the car.

With the launch of the first car scheduled for 2025, Sony and Honda are already working on what this car will be like and how to differentiate it from rivals as obvious and difficult as those produced by Tesla. The alliance between both Japanese firms does not intend to give life to another manufacturer of electric cars, for that there is already Honda, but rather it intends to conceive another car format where Sony’s possibilities in terms of multimedia, entertainment and connectivity play a crucial role.

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Faced with the integration of external services as Tesla does, Sony Honda wants to offer the best of the Sony catalog in its electric future and that is called Playstation

That infotainment is increasingly a protagonist in our cars It is unquestionable, finding better and better interfaces, both in hardware and software, and already being very close to the possibilities offered by any current smartphone. But At Sony Honda Mobility they want to go one step further, which is why they do not rule out the integration of the best of Sony, such as the Playstation 5 today.in their cars in order to compete with the powerful interfaces used by brands such as Tesla, Mercedes or BMW.


Of course, this idea should not make us think of an electric car where safety has been neglected, since Sony Honda Mobility has linked the possible arrival of the Playastation 5 to the use of autonomous driving. And it is that the true objective of the new company is to offer a vehicle capable of driving itself in a wide range of scenarioswhich would allow its interior to be considered as a mobile lounge, a kind of playful space where it would be possible to integrate the best Sony gadgets in terms of infotainment without affecting driving and therefore the safety of the occupants.

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