A car burned during a gender reveal and the police finished destroying it (+Video)

One of the hottest trends right now is the revelation of sex with various and there are more and more creative ways to do it. In a case in Australia, it is a matter of legality and safety.

Queensland Police recently destroyed a vehicle used to make burns for “gender reveal” parties. In September, a Holder Commodore was recorded burning, producing a blue smoke as a sign of a child on the way.

The driver of the car was stopped for acrime endangering life» and, in addition, the destruction of the vehicle, for which he was sentenced to imprisonment and disqualified from driving for four years.

The exhaustion was so significant that the road could not be seen in any direction for about 100 meters”, Deputy Commissioner Ben Marcus said in a statement.

«If you wreck the road, we’ll wreck your car, it’s that simple.”said Mark Ryan, Minister for Police and Correctional Services and Minister for Fire and Emergency Services.

This activity was used to send a strong message to the «hoons» in Land Down Under. It was destroyed as part of a one trapped passenger release simulation by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

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Firefighters attend thousands of traffic accident incidents each year, many of which require the use of specialized cutting equipment to free peoplesaid QFES Commissioner Greg Leach.


While firefighters expand their knowledge with each incident they attend, our crews prefer to practice their skills in a vehicle in a simulated, controlled setting than on the road in real life.”.

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