3 things you know to know before buying the Ford Maverick

In this article we tell you the 3 things you should know before deciding to buy a truck Ford Maverick.

3 things you should know when buying a Ford Maverick

This model is sweeping the market, however you should know 3 things before buying one of these trucks Ford.

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The Ford Maverick is available in three trim levels

This model shares variants with the F-150. Available trim levels include XL, XLT and Lariat. The Ford Maverick XL It is the most basic variant of this pickup. With a starting price of US$ 22,195.

You can choose to equip it with the EcoBoost engine 2.0-liter for more power. The Maverick XLT it is more expensive, with more standard equipment. Keyless access and storage cubbies in the platform, open the door to the pack FX4 Offroad and to the package Tremor.

By 2023, the EcoBoost engine is no longer an extra cost

The Ford Maverick It stands out for its hybrid engine and for more power and all-wheel drive, you can equip it with a turbocharged engine.

The 2023 Ford Maverick has an exclusive off-road package

The Maverick 2023 comes with an optional package known as Tremor that allows you to drive firmly on the trails.


is available for Maverick XLT and Maverick Lariat. You will need to equip them with the motor EcoBoost and AWD. The AWD system receive package settings Tremor, and the Maverick 2023 rises 1″. It has the Ford’s Trail Control system. An off-road cruise control.

Can you order the 2023 Ford Maverick?

According to Ford Authority they had to close orders due to high demand, so it will not be easy to obtain a model like this.

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