2,700 hp unleashed in the ultimate battle between Honda and Nissan (+ video)

Hoonigan’s YouTube channel, of which I declare myself an unconditional fan – in fact, it was on my list of 10 essential international channels for petrolheads – is currently carrying out a series of episodes called Honda vs. haters. In these episodes, part of their This vs. That, very different cars face each other in acceleration races. On this occasion, one of the most beastly Honda Integra on the planet against a Nissan GT-R with 1,300 hp.

The Nissan GT-R is not as extreme, by the standards of the R35 prepared. Its 4.1-litre engine has new turbochargers and in a high-power configuration it develops 2,200 hp, but in this race it “settles” with around 1,300 hp to the wheels as a starting point. For its part, the 1994 Honda Integra has a B18 engine powered up to 1,400 hp at the wheels – in which only the block is standard – and the all-wheel drive system of a Honda CR-V, in addition to a specially reinforced four-speed manual transmission. It weighs just over 1,200 kilos.

The Nissan GT-R weighs just 1,540 kilos, which is exceptionally light for an R35.

Both cars are extremely fast, powerful and light, but the Nissan has a double clutch transmission, a very experienced driver and drag racing tyres. In all races except the first – and due to driver error – the Nissan GT-R ends up imposing itself on the Honda Integra. The Nissan GT-R develops a more aggressive power map in the higher gears and it shows on the track. In any case, both cars are absolutely meteoric, and give a great show that you can see on these lines.

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