15 Cars That Got A Perfect Score In Euro NCAP Crash Tests

Here we show you the 15 cars which achieved a perfect score during the crash tests of Euro NCAP.

The 15 best scoring cars in Euro NCAP

Euro NCAP announced that fifteen of the sixteen vehicles that went through the different tests in the last round of crash, reached the maximum score of five stars, which demonstrates the safety progress in the brands.


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The only model below the score was the SD 9, which only achieved four stars. Due to a penalty in the frontal displacement test for being “an aggressive impact partner towards other vehicles.” The sedan scored 79% in adult occupants, 86% in child occupants and 67% in vulnerable occupants and safety assistance.


The Tesla Model S It showed its optimum safety system with a score of 94% adult occupants, 91% child occupants, 85% vulnerable road occupants and a fantastic 98% safety assist. Its Chinese competitor, the CHILD ET7came in slightly lower with 91% adult occupants, 87% child occupants, 73% vulnerable road occupants, and 95% safety assistance, earning five stars.


Euro NCAP tried other electrical units, where are the Toyota bZ4X Y Subaru Solterra. Both with identical ratings. The crossovers they scored 88% adult occupants, 87% child occupants, 79% vulnerable highway occupants, and 91% safety assist.


The Hyundai Ionic 6 It impressed with a 97% adult occupant score. The EV scored 87% in child occupants, 66% in vulnerable highway occupants, and 90% in safety assistance.


The new smart #1 It showed that Chinese cars are also safe and that they can outperform European ones. The EV scored a fantastic 96% in adult occupants, 89% in child occupants, 71% in vulnerable highway occupants, and 88% in safety assist.


The last crossover 100% electric was the nissan ariya Japanese achieved performance of 86% adult occupants, 89% child occupants, 74% vulnerable highway occupants, and 93% safety assist.

The WEY Coffee 02 SUV China performed well with 94% adult occupants, 87% child occupants, 73% vulnerable highway occupants, and 93% safety assistance.

The Honda Civic e:HEV reached five stars with all individual scores between 82-89%. the hybrid Toyota Corolla Cross reached 82-87%. The renault australreplacement of Kadjarscored 67% in Vulnerable Highway Occupants and the rest were placed above 80%, the Nissan X-Trail got the five stars inherited from the nissan qashqaismaller.

The units with the best score were the Range Rover Y Range Rover Sports. The Rangerover, reached with child occupants (87% vs. 85%) and vulnerable road occupants (72% vs. 69%), the Range Rover Sports scored higher in adult protection (85% vs. 84%), both units achieving the same 82% for security assistance packages.

The Isuzu D-Max Crew Cab was re-evaluated after adding a driver’s knee airbag. The truck achieved five stars for the year 2020 with an updated score of 86% in adult occupants.

Euro NCAP it will update its protocols based on its tests for next year, making them more stringent with a focus on other road users.

Michiel van Ratingengeneral secretary of Euro NCAPsaid: “In 2023, in line with its Vision 2030, Euro NCAP will focus on a variety of new aspects. For example, we are implementing autonomous emergency braking (AEB) protocols for motorcycles, as well as new passive safety scenarios for pedestrians and cyclists, expanding the area where these two vulnerable users could interact with a vehicle.”

Below, we show the videos of the tests carried out:

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