11 Amazing Features of Amazon’s Rivian Trucks You Didn’t Know

The delivery van Rivian and Amazon named edv is hitting the streets with 1,000 units with the aim of reaching 100,000.

The vehicle was exhibited in the gallery Rivian in Venice, Calif. impressing those present with its novel features, which are reviewed below.

your headlights

This is an attractive aspect of the EVD which was achieved with the intention that it be friendly, since it will be seen in the neighborhoods in the United States. The Rivian logo is replaced with an Amazon print on the front.

modular design

This EDV is offered in two versions: one intended to transport 500 cubic foot packages and another of up to 700 cubic feet of cargo.

The one in the pictures is the one with the highest load capacity, but the EDV500 is basically the same with one less modular body panel. The van is designed to be repaired quickly. For example, your rear bumper can be replaced with a new one from the depot.

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High visibility taillights

Continuing to the rear, the EDV’s bright and striking red light extends upward and over the entire vehicle. This causes it to be more visible and futuristic looking.

blue accents

The bright blue that Amazon uses throughout its website also finds its way into the van’s design. It can be seen everywhere: cabin, logo on the side, door area and more.

Inside the back doors are thick handles painted in the same color. The theme is repeated in details of the key ring and the seats.

digital dashboard

The EDV features a large infotainment touchscreen and a digital gauge. Amazon’s routing software loads in place of Rivian’s original, but it’s very similar to what’s found in vans.

A 360º camera system also helps improve visibility when maneuvering on city streets.

practical and useful

The EDV boasts features that make the delivery driver’s job easier, including an automatically closing bulkhead door. The rear seat is comfortable and can be adjusted to various positions.

Also, the driver’s seat is heated, as well as the steering wheel, all for comfort. The area of cargo can hold containers specialized that use Amazon to store packages.

unique keychain

Closing the doors is a piece of cake with the key ring attached to the pocket. The van key has an integrated clip and features remote locking buttons.

21 folding seat

Helpers can ride on the folding passenger seat. Its position makes it easy to step out to carry a pack, plus it adds a blue Prime seatbelt.

When not in use, the bottom of the seat flips up for neat storage.

Security First

The EDV have first aid kit under the folding passenger seat. Its location is designed to make it easy for the driver to reach in case he needs a bandage.

Driver monitoring, but not how you think

Rivian ensures that the camera system in the Pilar only monitors the drowsiness or distraction of the driver in the interest of safety. In the event that the driver presents any of these, it will alert the person behind the wheel.

Other driver assistance features include lane keeping, blind spot monitoring, automatic headlights, or adaptive cruise control.

take to the streets

Rivian vans have already been seen on the streets, as is the case in the image in a New York neighborhood. The firm ensures that it can travel 150 miles before needing to be recharged.

The EDV is built to last 10 years or 330,000 miles before replacement is required.

Writing New Electric Autos Source: CarAndDriver

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